Sexual Abuse

    • Sexual Assault Referral Centre

Herts SARC offers free support and practical help to anyone in Hertfordshire who has experienced sexual violence and/or sexual abuse.

0808 178 4448 || Click here to Visit.

    • Herts Rape Crisis

Free & confidential counselling for females who are over 18 and live in Hertfordshire and survivors of rape, sexual assault and/or childhood sexual abuse - no matter how old you were when this happened.

01707 276512 || Click here to Visit.

    • Herts Women’s Centre

Domestic abuse and rape crisis support

01438 742742 || Click here to Visit.

    • Survivors UK

SurvivorsUK was established as a service for male survivors, to cater for people not provided for by other services. We are an inclusive service and welcome anyone who identifies as male, trans, non-binary, has identified as male in the past, or anyone who feels that we are the right fit for them. Note: Sexual violation includes both childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault/rape.

0203 598 3898 || Click here to Visit.

    • Child Sex Exploitation – Halo

Click here to Visit.

LGBTQ Information

    • Galop

If you have ever experienced sexual violence, emotional, psychological and physical abuse or any other form of abuse and violence as well as discrimination in regards to your sexual orientation, gender, race and religion, you can come and see us for support and help. Alternatively, have a look at this support service for LGBTQ* people. For cases of hate crime, sexual abuse and domestic violence:.

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