HIV Support

    • Terence Higgins Trust

"Whether you're living with HIV, know someone who is, or think you might have put yourself at risk of getting HIV, we can help. We can also advise on other areas of sexual health and sexually transmitted infections."

0808 802 1221 || Click here to Visit.

    • iBase

HIV treatment information written in clear, simple language, HIV treatment helpline, online Q and A service, reports on the latest HIV research.

0808 800 6013 || Click here to Visit.

    • The Crescent

"The Crescent provides help and support to those living with, or otherwise affected by, HIV. We are a member led organisation run both by and for people living with HIV.

We provide emotional and practical support in a confidential and non clinical environment and through outreach services in a variety of settings."

01727 842532 || Click here to Visit.