Drugs and Alcohol

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Support for substance abuse and mental health.

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Addiction Therapy and Support

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The Adolescent Drug and Alcohol team provides confidential advice, support and specialist assessment and treatment to young people who have drug and alcohol problems under the age of 18, who have a Hertfordshire GP or live in or attend school in Hertfordshire.

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Having sex under the effect of high class drugs (mostly Crystal Methamphetamine, GBL/GHB, Mephedrone), on 1:1 encounters or at group sex parties.

These drugs can be highly addictive, either physically or psychologically or both. They can lower down the inhibitions, increase the sex-drive as well as having relaxant effects and reduce experience of pain which they could increase the risks (i.e. HIV and Hepatitis C infections).

High risks with drugs and alcohol interactions as well with wrong dosage and injecting (slamming).

For more information and support visit London Friends, GMFA and Terrence Higgins Trust websites.