Emergency Contraception

If you need emergency contraception call 0300 0085522 to make an appointment. See our clinic pages to find your nearest clinic.

What is emergency contraception?

There are two methods of emergency contraception that can prevent pregnancy:

  • The emergency contraceptive pill: There are two types of pill that must be taken within three to five days of sex.
  • The IUD (intrauterine device, or coil): This can be inserted into your uterus up to five days after unprotected sex and must be fitted by a specially trained nurse or doctor. Contact us for more information.

When would I need emergency contraception?

You can use emergency contraception if:

  • you've had unprotected sex (that's sex without using any contraception)
  • you think your contraception might have failed.

Where can I get emergency contraception?

As well as our services you can also get free and confidential emergency contraception from:

  • Pharmacists offer emergency contraception free for all 16 – 24 year olds regardless of prescriptions. Links to local pharmacies within Hertfordshire are available on the Mogolistings website.
  • A&E departments and minor injury units can give emergency contraception if other services aren't open.